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Alnmouth Post Office new.jpg
"Alnmouth Post Office with owner Nick and his dog Rosie"

Welcome to my website in this difficult time of Coronavirus. People tell me that quietly sitting to look at paintings is very therapeutiic.  I hope a tour round mine has this effect on you .

Let's start where my wife and I walk and write and paint on the beach at Alnmouth ( The local people call it ALANMOUTH) a village at the estuary of the river Aln.


Arguably the most beautiful beach in Northumberland, which changes every day as the tide moves enormous amounts of sand. One day washing clear the lines of anti-tank blocks next to the dunes and then covering them again the next.

Best wishes.David Keith


The club's first rowing skiff named "Alnmouth"
"Bistro 23", One of Alnmouth's very popular eateries.

David Keith used Alnmouth beach for this illustration

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