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So here we go with TWO COLOURS

   Lets start. Remember the whole point of

this exercise is to learn about these two colours...what they CAN and what they CAN'T do. You will find yourself saying 'I wish I had some lighter blue/some yellow ochre/ some

 brilliant green'...... but resist the temptation. Just remember them for the future.

1. Completely wet the sky area with either a sponge or a watercolour brush. It should feel damp but not have water standing proud on the surface. You don't want it running away from you!

     Tilt the board downwards from top left to bottom right. This is the way your colour will flow. (if you tilt it straight down from top to bottom your colour will flow straight down with quite a different effect)

2. With pure F.Ultramarine start top left and drop some onto the damp surface. help it flow with your brush.. leave a lighter area for the lit edge of the clouds. Then work across adding burnt sienna, lightly at first and heavily as you get to  the darkest  clouds, far right. Mix in thick F.Ult if you need it

4.The end of the main farm is in shadow. Use dark mixes with brush strokes in the direction of the brickwork. Same for the chimneys. With a small brush put in a winter tree...all trunk and branches

3. Using strong, dark mixtures work from the darkest area of the main moutain to the lightest. Play warm sienna against cold f. ult. Lightly put in distant and nearer snowy hills

 5    Work round the buildings, painting the shadow ends and under the snow covered eaves.....then more foreground walls until the framework of your painting is in place. The lighting of your farm is now established

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