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As you will have gathered from looking at my pictures, I have always loved drawing and painting all sizes and shapes of buildings. Here are all the secrets.  So, with my help, have a go.   It really is easy!

You could hardly have more

buildings in one watercolour

than in this New York panorama.

           So where would you start?

           Exactly where you would if you chose to make a painting of a

small farm like this.





                                                        Yes. You've got it!

                   The key to drawing nine out of every ten, if not ninety-nine

out of every hundred buildings.! They are all rectangular boxes! Simple as

that. Learn how to draw a box and you can draw them all   ...with a bit

of guidance about details and variations on the theme of course. I will 

help you with all of that later.

Leave your pencil in its box!  The first decision is what to include in your picture and what will be the centre of interest ..that is the thing which will attract the viewer to look at your work.

      Now for drawing. Still leave your pencil in its box. NOW LOOK AGAIN AT  THE BUILDINGS.

To draw anything you need to know what it REALLY looks like. Examine the buildings ONE AT A TIME and discover what they have in common.

      Ignore the exceptions like the giant centrepiece. Ignore the odd roof top-knot (as I call them)

which architects put on to make their design look different as well as keeping out the rain ...bits of a dome or a small pyramid

So all you have got to do now is draw a box........I will show you how

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