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 If you are a complete beginner or in the early stages of learning to paint watercolours I will give you some advice about what you will need, some of which you may already have......right or wrong.

        Firstly, what will you need.

         Get a good brochure like Ken Bromley Art Materials so you can see what  is available

                                          BRUSHES. I suggest three or four. One large ....

                                    size 8 to 10/11 to carry a nice lot of wet paint for skies

                                    and large areas.. One mid range 4 0r 5 for general

                                    which will be most of your painting. One fine

                                    pointed no 1 or 2 for fine details and lines. A flat brush  for fun and experiment at this stage.

       A huge range of makes and styles is possible. Try

COTMAN round series as a good start or if you are feeling rich buy a sable brush to try....very smooth to use.


WATERCOLOUR PAPER.Quite expensive stuff but very important if your pocket is deep enough. 5 sheets of Fabrianno NOT  30 x 22ins.

will cost £15 to £20 ...ten decent size paintings. I recommend NOT

surface 140 lb. weight...a good starting point. Avoid Rough and  Smooth and light weight paper to begin with! I love Arches paper

     Bockingford is a beautiful mould made paper and works well and

is less expensive.

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