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Four mile up the Aln River from Alnmouth is the small attractive Market Town of Alnwick which is pronounced  ANNICK. This is where we live.

Alnwick Market in the market square

THE FAMOUS BARTER BOOKS....where you can take in the books you have finished with, have them valued and put this on your account. Then you can sit and choose from thousands of good quality second hand books and buy them from your account! Great! You can even sit and have a coffee by their log fire while you read those you fancy .....

David Keith watercolour of the entrance lounge with the fire...... Annabelle is sitting there reading a book.

     Detail from 'Dirty Bottles' watercolour    

Another Alnwickone off........a pub called the "Dirty Bottles" with a window full of........ yes, you've guessed it filthy old bottles.

     Detail from "Grannies" of Alnwick   

     "Grannies" of Alnwick       

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