There are times when it is great to have two paintings in the same room that have a connection, of place, of a story line or of content. I call them 'Pairs!'

Paris Painting

While painting people relaxing on the steps of the magnificent entrance to the PETIT PALAIS in Paris, a father and son came and played round the lampost.The idea of a WATERCOLOUR PAIR was born.

   I named this one 'HIDE AND SEEK'   

   The most important pair of paintings I have ever completed                                                                                                              


Petit Palace Entrance 43x 34 cm 

'Hide and Seek' U/F 53 x 23 cm 

Pisa Cathedral and its famous Leaning Tower




   If you love the brilliant colours of Paris shops then

these are special for you.                                                                                                 

199 STEPS Whitby

Whitby from the 'keyhole' a passage under the cliff



  'FLEURISTE'     U/F 53 X 31 CM..       

 'TISSUS'  U/F 48 X 34 CM.

Mouffetard Market, Paris   U/F 54 x 37 cm.

   A pair of very special watercolour originals from my limited collection                                                                                                        

La Mouffe  U/F 50 x 34 cm  

Cervantes Monument. U/F 43 x 33 cm 

 Cervantes' Don Quixote Statue, Madrid

U/F 33 x 26 cm  

  A unique pair of original watercolours of the famous Madrid Sculpture                                                                                             

An experimental 'Pair" using light inversion. That is highlights are painted as in shadow and vice-versa

  A rare couple of dramatic paintings in Paris using a very modern technique of lighting sometimes known as partial inversion                                                                                                      

Paris Lamposts

Place des Vosges  U/F 49 x 36 cm 

Arc de Triomphe  U/F  46 x 35 cm  

Lampost on Bridge

 U/F 39 x 27 cm 

Paris City Lampost  U/F 39 x 29   

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