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I recommend buying tube colours as you need them. They are clean...keep fresh ...and flow beautifully when mixed with water ....great for skies and snow for example.




  Lets get started...

     Here is a method of learning to paint in watercolour that has worked for many of the people I have taught, as well as for some who wanted a refresher


      CHOOSE ONLY TWO COLOURS! I suggest French ultramarine and burnt sienna.


      Squeeze some of each colour onto a palette. let us begin with burnt sienna.


      With a lightly dampened brush move some into a clean section of the palette. Now paint a square like the top left of the grid opposite. Next, add a very small amount of french ultramarine to the burnt sienna and paint the next square. Keep adding a small amount of ultramarine and painting squares. See how many colours you can mix with them

      Now start all over again with fresh french ultramarine, this time slowly adding burnt sienna. The squares are slightly different. You now have a wide range of shades from just two colours


   Look for any that would paint clouds, shadows, stone on buildings, the trunks     and branches of trees. 


  Later we will try blending other colours.

How many times people have said to me


   I find that if they'd had a go, it was with random brushes, poor paper and a box of flat pads of paint.

   Like entering 'Bake off' not knwing

how to use the ingredients.

    So here is a method to get going and say

       'YES I CAN!'

Click on the picture BELOW


Already  you can see clearly that these mixtures lend themselves to snow scenes with buildings and winter trees...SO LET'S GO!!


NOW you can paint the farm you have already NEXT .........

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